NeuraCell is a core facility that makes neural stem cell (NSC) research practical for those wishing to join the field. Our group has over 20 years of experience working with these cells and can now provide you with NSCs and everything you need to grow them. In addition to cells and media, we also provide a range of molecular tools including custom lentiviral shRNA and over-expression vectors. We also provide a consult based characterization service where we can assess how your products or reagents affect stem cell performance and behavior. A general list of services is provided below

Our Team

Mr. Steven Lotz: Principal Investigator
Mr. Nicholas St.John: Research Technician
Mr. Brian Unruh: Research Technician

Cell Supply

  • Adult SVZ Neural Stem Cells
  • Any Age Embryonic stem cells from any region of the brain
  • Human Retinal Pigmented Epithelial cells
  • RPE iPSCs
  • iPSCs
  • Neural Progenitor Cells (NPCs)
  • Custom Orders

Media/ Dissociation Reagents

  • High-performance Media formulated according to optimal cell growth conditions.
  • Complete Defined Media for Neural Stem Cell Culture
  • Complete Defined Media for Human Retinal Pigmented Epithelial Culture

Cell characterization

We can perform assays to verify how stem cell populations behave in response to certain environments, plastics, reagents, etc. Stem cell characterization is performed using trade secret assays via FACS and cell culture techniques. This can be used for neural stem cells as well as embryonic stem cells

Cell banking

Cell banking solutions shall ensure that their integrity is maintained, and that a sufficient supply is readily available. Here we maintain a master and a working cell bank of high quality. We will also expand cells, harvest cells, generation the freezing medium and thaw cells to test performance.

Molecular Techniques

  • Generation of custom lentiviral shRNA constructs
  • Generation of custom lentiviral over-expression constructs
  • Supply of NSC lines already expressing these shRNA or over-expression constructs

For details and pricing on NeuraCell offerings, please contact us