Dr. Sally Temple on the “Dr. Oz Show” as an Authority on Stem Cell Research

RENSSELAER N.Y., February 13, 2017 – Neural Stem Cell Institute Scientific Director, Dr. Sally Temple will appear as a guest on the “Dr.Oz” show, airing Tuesday, February 14th.

Dr. Temple was asked to participate on the show as a stem cell expert and the current President of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). The show focuses on the problem of clinics peddling unproven stem cell therapies direct to consumers, typically for large sums of money. Hundreds of such clinics exist in the US alone. Patients are lured into these bogus and potentially harmful “treatments” with false promises. Dr. Temple was asked to speak about the difference between these unproven therapies, and authentic, responsible stem cell therapy development, which has the promise to bring forth treatments that are both safe and effective. Patients were advised to visit the website A Closer Look at Stem Cells to learn more about what to ask when considering a stem cell therapy.

For additional information, visit http://neuralsci.org/

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