Computing @ NSCI

At NSCI our work relies on computational resources.  Large datasets and uniquely structured experimental methods require novel interpretations of typical informatic techniques. Close collaboration between computational and experimental scientists ensures the value of our contributions.


  • Bioinformatics Brown Bag Seminar Series. Co-Sponsored by NSCI and the UAlbany Center for Functional Genomics, we are pleased to have individuals representing many capital district organizations in attendance. Our materials are maintained on, Please contact Tom Kiehl (tomkiehl at the domain, to be added.

Public Data Sets:

  • Cortecon: RNA-seq data collected during corticogenesis. Browse this data at , Citation: CORTECON: A Temporal Transcriptome Analysis of In Vitro Human Cerebral Cortex Development From Human Embryonic Stem Cells. van de Leemput et. al, Neuron (2014), view the paper online at Neuron