Our Mission at the Neural Stem Cell Institute is to Provide Therapies Through Groundbreaking Research

In 2007, Dr. Sally Temple and Dr. Jeffrey Stern founded this institute, the first for independent stem cell research in the country, to be an oasis in the valley of death for the successful translation of neural stem cell discoveries to therapeutics.  Administratively lean, but rooted in academic research, NSCI can be nimble and autonomous in its decisions on how best to take the discovery out of the lab and into clinical trials.

In just 6 years since opening, work out of the NSCI has produced:

  • Over 25 publications in top-tier journals
  • 2 awarded patents with others still under review
  • The successful launch of a biotechnology company, StemCulture LLC, to sell stem cell reagents
  • The creation of a therapeutic company for Eye therapies
  • The creation of a stem cell meeting geared towards young investigators in the field, The Next Gen Stem Cell Conference

Just like most academic institutions, NSCI is dependent on federal and state grants and has been quite successful in securing funds through the years.   Our investigators have secured grants from the National Institute of Health, as well as the NY State Department of Health.

The Neural Stem Cell Institute is a 501©3 non-profit organization and is capable of accepting charitable donations.  We are grateful for the donations we receive, and pride ourselves on putting over 95% of that money right towards the scientific research, rather than administration or other fundraising events.  This truly makes us unique amongst other research institutes.  The money you give goes right to the work to continue pushing it forward.  For information on how you can help push our research programs along via donation, please Contact Us.

We urge everyone to learn about stem cell research and the promise it offers.  Please come by the Institute for a tour and talk to us about what we are doing.  To arrange a visit, please Contact Us.